What can I put in the bin?

Skip bins are great for General Household and Garage clean ups, General Garden clean ups, Moving house, Building renovation and Landscaping waste.

Materials we DO NOT accept are  liquid waste, dangerous chemicals, acids and poisons, needles and syringes, Gas bottles, Explosives, asbestos and any other environmentally unfriendly substances or objects likely to cause harm or damage. To dispose of these materials you need to contact your local council.


What size bin do I need?

Our aim is to supply you with a bin size that suits your needs. Our bins range in size from 2m³ to 10m³. Please see Bin Sizes to see dimensions.


What’s included in the price of a bin?

When you call, one of our staff members will ask you what size bin you require, what type of material is going into it and how long you require it. With this information you will be quoted a competitive price. Included in this price is delivery, pick up, GST and all associated tip fees.


How much can I put in my bin?

For safety and legal reasons, skip bins should not be filled any higher than the rim and should be loaded carefully in order to avoid any spillage during transit. In the event that a driver arrives to collect your bin and it has been overfilled, we reserve the right to remove some of the contents and/or charge an extra amount for the excess.


How much weight can I put in the bin?

The maximum load for our skip bins are 1 tonne per cubic metre. This is the safe lifting limit. Max skip size of 6m3 for skips being filled with solid fill (i.e dirt, bricks, concrete, pavers etc) Skip’s greater than 6m³ are not permitted to be filled with any solid fill.


What happens if I overload the bin?

Where possible the driver will try to take the skip, once the overloaded item is removed from the top of the bin, the overloaded item(s) where possible will be left in a neat pile near the site of the bin


What happens if the driver can’t unload the skip?

We will contact you and advise you that we are unable to remove the skip due to the overloading. We will then arrange for you to receive another skip from us to transfer the material into. This skip will be charged at the stated rate.

How much notice do you need if I want to book a bin?

We generally can deliver bins the same day if ordered before 3pm. However, during busy periods e.g. weekends, long weekends and holiday periods we recommend you book your bin earlier.  We would hate to disappoint you!


How long can I keep the bin?

Bin Hire is  21 days. If you finish with the bin sooner, simply call us and we will collect it. However, if you have not finished with the bin within the 21 days please contact us ASAP to make alternative arrangements.


Where do you place the bin and can I move it?

We will ask your requirements on arrival and place the bin in an appropriate spot for your ease of access that causes less impact on property; driveways etc., and for our ease of removal once filled. Under NO circumstances is a bin to be moved due to OH&S reasons.

Please Note – Our trucks are between two and seven tonnes before they are loaded. Unfortunately, driving on grass can cause some damage particularly in the wet. Please be assured we will make every effort to ensure we don’t cause any damage. Should you have any concerns or special requirements please ask the driver at the time of delivery.


Do I need Council permission or a permit?

If the skip bin is placed on your property, you do not need permission or a permit. However, if the bin is to be placed on public lands, nature strips or driveway lay backs a permit may be required. Different councils have different regulations.


Can we put the bin on the footpath?

Generally, yes, however we cannot block pedestrian access or utility pits. Some Council’s will require a permit which you will have to organise. Please discuss this when you make a booking.


Can we put the bin on the road?

Should you wish to put the skip on the road, it is necessary for the property owner to make application to Queensland Police.


I think I may have asbestos?

There is no exact way of telling if you have asbestos, but as a general rule houses pre 1980 are likely to contain some in the fibro cement sheeting found in the bathroom and eaves of the house. We DO NOT collect asbestos.


When and how can I pay for the skip bin?

Payment is expected when booking. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheque (by arrangement) or Direct Deposit. Please ask us for account details if you would like to pay by Direct Deposit.

If you are unsure about any of the information on this page or have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.